The Defustel Foundation has been active for many years in Africa and mainly in Cameroon, and devotes a major part of its efforts to the fight against dropping out of school and illiteracy.

The organization works through projects focusing on women’s rights, education, health and nutrition to contribute to Africa’s development.

Its mission is divided into the following four work streams:

– Providing young ladies with specific school support
– Supporting rural education
– Contributing to better healthcare in rural area
– Fostering and supporting a healthy, diversified nutrition in rural area

The Foundation provides young people with the tools they need to integrate and adapt anywhere. In doing so, tomorrow’s adults are in a position to take their future into their own hands. The Foundation works in this regard to promote equal cultural and educational opportunities.


The Foundation’s first line of action is to support girls through the KUISSU MARTHE scholarship. Indeed, the Foundation offers scholarships to support the first three baccalaureate grades of the city of Baham. We assume that for the girl, the transition from college/high school to university is a period of potential vulnerability. We choose this delicate moment to bring our financial support accompanied obviously by the condition that the happy beneficiaries continue their academic course.

– The 2nd area is education. We start from the recognition that the level of education, despite the efforts of the authorities, is to be improved. The Defustel Foundation wants to contribute to the improvement of this crucial development sector.

Healthcare, the third major area of focus of the Foundation, is to this day one of the major problems of Cameroon and the African continent, against which action is being taken. Hospitals often lack access to the technologies needed to provide firstclass care to their patients and are constrained in their activities because of insufficient funding. This is why the Foundation plans to renovate one of the wards of the Foumban district hospital in – Cameroon. Built in 1957, this hospital is the main healthcare centre of the largest department in the Western Province. It is however in an unacceptable state with material dating from 1958.

Finally, nutrition is the Foundation’s final line of action. We want to encourage schools to create and optimize small vegetable gardens in order to offer a participatory, educational and balanced diet.