Projects in progress

Cebec Banka school
Construction of the shell 100%
Public school X
Electrification 56%
Public school Y
Installation of the computer system 78%
Hospital from Foumban district
Restoration work 36%
Hospital from Foumban district
Logistic support 44%

» On December 19 2017,  the Cameroonian fashion designer paid private school Cebec Banka and a public school a visit which led to connecting both to the internet as well as to the Eneo network.

Thanks to this technological addition, children will not only get familiar with computer skills, they will also be able to get connected with the whole world. Two female programmers will undergo a specific training course in order to guide those young people in the best possible way. More recently, the foundation gave computer equipment to two other schools in the area.

» The Foundation’s first line of action is to support girls through the KUISSU MARTHE scholarship. Indeed, the Foundation offers scholarships to support the first three baccalaureate grades of the city of Baham.

We assume that for the girl, the transition from college/high school to university is a period of potential vulnerability. We choose this delicate moment to bring our financial support to the obvious condition that the happy beneficiaries continue their academic course.

Concerning healthcare, the Foundation makes it a priority to restore the lodge Raymond at the hospital from Foumban. It is absolutely necessary to allow the medical staff to keep on nurturing the injured ones.

This project came to fruition on December 18 2017 while the work started in January 2018. This was of the utmost importance, even crucial as stated by the director in an interview thanking the Defustel Foundation.

Build in the 50s, the hospital is in a very deteriorated state nowadays : no bathroom for the amputees, material dated back to 1958, an operation room so degraded it can barely be used…

On February 25 2018, staff members and specialists working with the Foundation were on site to estimate the work still needed to modernize and equip the hospital.